A Beginning



The man who scripted the greatest quest of all times, JRR Tolkien famously said, “All who wander are not lost”. That perfectly sums up the entire Lord of the Rings series I think. But sometimes I wonder, what’s the point of wandering if not to get lost for a while in places unknown? There are those who are born into travelling alongside their nomadic families, those who start traveling by choice and some who start out as accidental travellers; but no matter how they start, once the spell of strange seas and distant lands is cast, there is no escaping wanderlust. I have always been fascinated by the world map, always wondered what secrets are held behind those green and brown blotches scarring the vast blue of the oceans. Thankfully, once in a while, I have had the chance to satisfy my curiosities.


I am no seasoned traveller nor can I afford to travel often, but by chance and by choice, I have in the past wandered into unfamiliar lands. So far, like a dragon hording its gold, I had kept the memories of my travel all to myself. Foolish as I was, I had believed they would stay forever mine. Well, I forgot that time, that can erode the hardest mountains can just as easily erode what’s in my mind. So, now in my haste to record not just what I have seen but what I have felt in my travels, I am attempting to chronicle my adventures here.


This is definitely not a travel blog. I am the last person who can tell you how to get to a place and where to stay for I am very much directionally challenged. But since I am mostly writing for myself, it’s pretty much going to be what I felt. My trusted companions are often a Samsung tab, which I use as a phone, my Nokia 730, which I use as a backup camera and my trusted companion who best describes everything that I find interesting, my Nikon d5200. I am no photographer either. Ask my Nikon and she will cry you a river. So if a picture is pretty, its pretty much the subjects fault.


I suppose more than this you don’t need to know me for we are merely strangers whose paths crossed for a moment. But let’s be the kind of strangers who genuinely smile at each other when we find something of mutual interest in passing shall we?



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